Newly released print in conjunction with 51/20 Alex Janvier Family Collection Exhibition

21 x 21″

Giclee on Paper

Numbered and Signed by the Artist

Limited Edition of 49

This painting is about the use of water in the traditional territory of the Cold Lake people- Primrose Lake was used for hunting, fishing, and trapping.  In 1952, this area was given to the federal government for the Canadian military to use as a training area.  It was then renamed Primrose Lake Air Weapons Range (PLAWR) and people had to move away from their traplines and cabins.  The water was taken for granted and polluted by the air weapons.  Further destruction occurred when oil companies were allowed to use the water to extract resources.  The federal government granted this right to provinces in 1930, in the Natural Resource Transfer Act, without the consultation of Indigenous people.  Promises in the treaty did not include the surrender of any natural resources.

-Alex Janvier


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