Where Does Alex Draw His Inspiration From? | Alex Janvier
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Photos: Bluefish Studios

Photos: Bluefish Studios

Where Does Alex Draw His Inspiration From?


From everywhere, from the land, sky,
Stars, moon, sun, the universe.
From earth, land, water, woodland, prairie,
mountains, and people, some animals.
From memory of ancient stories,
From music, to include the voice of God and
His created nature.
From the sound of the birds chirping
From native drum songs, pow-wow
From the heart, rather than the intellect.
From my parents.
From my tribe, Denesuline of Cold lake, and of parts
of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories.
From my Creator, The Chief of all
Creators of the finest art.
From the angels who have consistently have watched
my life, and the development of art, that I do.
From my own inspiration acceptance of
who I have become.
From love, to be who I am, and who I became.

As Written by the artist, 2006.