Newly released print in conjunction with 51/20 Alex Janvier Family Collection Exhibition

26 x 26″

Giclee on Paper

Numbered and Signed by the Artist

Limited Edition of 199

“I really love this painting as it was a complex work to create with both rough textures and velvety smooth finishes.  I felt I was successful in capturing the essence of Cold Lake springtime.  The colourful energy of reds indicates the first flowers blooming.  Springtime is when the weather becomes favourable.  It’s a beautiful season of change.  The birds come back from the south and chirping is heard all day long.  The grass begins to come up quickly, and wildflowers are all over the farmland edges.  The animals begin to enjoy fresh green grass.  The cows are calving, and the young ones come out to play.

The inspiration for this masterwork came from riding helicopters.  While suspended in mid-air, the view below turns quite freely and sometimes becomes blurry.  One can observe a beautiful bird’s eye view from up there.  The colourful earth below gives an artistic flare to the early spring growth.  This artwork has a unique feel of colourful waves that honour a vibrant time of the season.” 

-Alex Janvier

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