A Growing Child Requires Love T-Shirt



You may not receive your t-shirt in time for Sept. 30, 2022. However, you can wear your orange shirt anytime. We appreciate your recognition of residential school survivors and those who did not make it home.  


100% Cotton. Orange Gildan T-Shirt. Unisex Sizes.

XS (Youth XL), 2XL & 4XL- heavy cotton 

S – XL – soft style

3XL- ultra cotton 


Alex Janvier is a Residential School Survivor; he attended Blue Quills Indian Residential School from age 8 to 18. 


This orange shirt is to honour all Residential School survivors and those who never made it home. “A Growing Child Requires Love” is a phrase Alex chose for these shirts. The different types of abuse and the absence of love in Residential Schools resulted in children being unable to show love.  This has created intergenerational trauma in families today. The text on the back is from Alex’s painting “Blood Tears,” where he described the losses he experienced at Residential School.

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